About Us

Who Are We?

We are two avid sports fans with a background in software development.

The Beginning

In March 2016, PlanMyTeam.com was just an idea. Rumours of an NHL Expansion Draft began to surface and fan frenzy about how this would affect current NHL teams began to build. On hearing the potential draft rules, fans started discussing who should be protected on each team, and the makeup of players the expansion team(s) would have. Very quickly we realized that doing this on paper was unrealistic and 'The Idea' was created.

The Idea

We wanted a website that would allow hockey fans to select who they would protect for each NHL team, create their new Las Vegas team, and then allow them to share their choices with the world.

The Launch

By early September 2016, we had a working site that was ready to use.

The Future

We are not done yet! We have plenty of great ideas on how to make the site bigger and better and will keep adding them as fast as we can.

If you have an idea or feature you think would help make the site bigger and better, please contact us: Contact@PlanMyTeam.com